Character Rocks

Helping today's youth develop and strengthen personal character

Program One: Character Rocks

Using upbeat songs and team-building activities, this musical presentation takes students on a fun and educational journey through the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. (Grades pre-K through 6; 45 minutes; group size, up to 350)

Program Two: Character Rocks in the Family
Parent involvement is crucial to the success of any school character education initiative.  This presentation focuses on building a strong school-home partnership.  Audience interaction and discussion enliven the presentation. 
(Family audience; 1 to 2 hours)

Program Three: High Performance Youth Leadership Training
Teens work with other teens to generate an action plan for creating a caring school community. Participants write TV commercials, jingles, cheers, songs, skits, and make posters depicting issues that affect teens.  (Grades 7 through 12; 3 to 5 hours; group size, 25 to 40)

Program Four: The Friendship Suite

Your school chorus will have a blast singing on stage with Phil about the joys of childhood friendship (climbing trees, skimming stones), the kinds of experiences that enrich the lives of children.   (Grades pre-K through 6; 45 minutes)

Program Five: Wee Care Music Jamboree
Designed with the youngest learners in mind, this program uses musical fun to teach children about using manners and being helpful.  Lively songs and activities reinforce caring about the self, others, the world, and safety.  (Grades pre-K through 2; 45 minutes; group size, up to 350)

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