Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Using music in teaching and learning

“When we nurture imagination, we create a better world, one child at a time.”
-Jane Alexander


Workshop One: Language Rhythm

Using Music to Improve Language Arts Skills

This workshop explores the creative process of reading, writing, and language development from a musical perspective.  Participants will gain a musical “feel” for language, as well as connect elements of music to the way they teach reading, writing, and language arts.  (For teachers of grades 1 through 8; 2 to 4 hours; keynote or breakout)

Workshop Two: Music and Fitness in the Classroom

Reinforcing Childhood Explorations

Designed for early childhood educators and providers, this interactive workshop provides fresh ways to think about introducing music and movement skills to children from birth through age 8.  (For teachers of early childhood through grade 3; 1 to 4 hours)

Workshop Three: Dad and Me

The Wonder of Children

With heart-bursting pride, this work-at-home dad shares his intensely personal experiences as an involved father.  Through humorous songs and stories he explores the joys of fatherhood: daddy play, expressing love, sudden responsibility, and lost nights sleep.

Workshop Four: The Business of Music

Marketing and Promotion

Designed for performing artists and entertainers, this workshop is an indispensable guide to marketing and promotion.  Participants learn techniques to get their product or service to the marketplace: developing a fan base; sales, marketing, and distribution; publicity; winning grant support; performing for young audiences; recording; and more.  (For performers, teaching artists, and entertainers; 2 to 8 hours)

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