Entertainment and Event Marketing Services

Attention-getting strategies that reach children and families

Is your business or organization looking for an original way to reach children and families? 

Since 1986, Baker Street Records has worked with multi-national corporations to develop and execute effective marketing strategies that have reached one million children and family members.

Starting with an understanding of each client's communications objectives, we develop high-impact strategies to help clients increase their consumer appeal, and therefore their value in the marketplace.

Our entertainment and event marketing services include:

  •  Advocacy for children, youth, and families
  •  Educational keynotes and breakout sessions
  •  Entertainment
  •  Licensing and merchandising
  •  Mobile tours
  •  New media including music and video
  •  Research design, evaluation, survey, and measurement

Case Study

Take, for example, The Pizza Ranch franchise.  They wanted to create a unique community involvement project that would promote the company brand and thank loyal customers.  We came up with Kidstock, an event that brings together families for a fun-filled evening of pizza and music in the park.

Results?   Kidstock was a huge success.  More than 35,000 family members in 56 community events participated; in a survey, 94% of customers said, "We loved it," and 97% said they would come to another event.

To create an attention-getting strategy for your organization, please call us at (605) 361-8501.


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