About Phil and His Guitar

Hi Kids.

I grew up in a small town in South Dakota called Brookings.

When I was 12, I began learning how to play guitar.  I liked it right away, and would practice for hours and hours.

A few years later, I started writing my own songs.  One of the first songs I wrote was called The Freeze Rock.  In the freeze, you dance around, move around, and when the music stops, you freeze in a funny, silly way.

Click here to listen to The Freeze Rock and other fun action songs.

As I grew older, kids from my neighborhood would gather on my front porch to hear me sing and play guitar.  They especially liked songs that had action, like the freeze, the limbo, and the chicken dance.

I thought playing guitar for kids was so cool that I decided to make it my career, and now I perform in schools all across the United States and around the world.

Here are some of the great places I’ve performed for kids like you:

Costa Rica
New Zealand
United States

Through music, I’ve made friends in many different places.  I believe that when people get to know each other, the world becomes a more generous and peaceful place to live.

Be cool.  Have fun.  And see you at the show.

Your friend,

Phil Baker


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