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“It ROCKED!  Your high-energy and enthusiastic performance touched the hearts of many families.”

                                - Tina DePhillips, Fox TV Kids' Club hostess



Sound speakers come to life with the strum of a guitar and in an instant, all ears are on Phil Baker.  Make no mistake about it, a Phil Baker show is a bona fide concert for all ages.

As a recognized expert in child development, Phil communicates simple messages of encouragement, character, and positive thinking through music and dance.  As a trained jazz musician, his music is unusually polished.

Arrive early for a front seat, stay for the music and fun, and be prepared to leave with the kind of song in your head that you'll enjoy remembering.

Phil Baker performs:

  •  Solo
  •  With an ensemble
  •  With a team or corporate mascot (e.g., San Diego Chicken)
  •  With a television character (e.g., Barney, Elmo, Dora)

Music arranged for these ensembles:

  •  Chamber ensemble (winds and strings)
  •  Children's choir
  •  Fiddle duo
  •  Horn band
  •  Municipal band
  •  Piano and guitar
  •  Rock band




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