Make Your Community Better


Make your community a better place to live by contributing to the world around you.

  • Value and honor other people
  • Listen to different points of view
  • Be helpful, fair, caring, and compassionate
  • Share your time in the community and make it safer, cleaner, and    better

  • To get started, explore your community.  Find out what issues are important to you and to others.  Then, create a project that will put your ideas into action.

    Here are 10 things you can do to help make your community a better place to live.

    1. Be an environmental steward.  Organize a clean-up day and pick up litter along the bike trail, around the school, or in your neighborhood park.

    2. Paint a mural on a city wall.  Get permission first, then gather your friends together to paint something beautiful the whole town will be proud of.

    3. Celebrate a special holiday such as Veteran’s Day by visiting local veterans at a hospital or retirement home.  Listen to their stories.

    4. Start a food drive and donate canned goods, furniture, or clothing to a local shelter or the American Red Cross.  

    5. Write letters or draw pictures for your local fire department or police station to let them know you appreciate their services.

    6. Hold a school rap contest about ways to be a good citizen.  Ask the local radio station to judge the contest and put the winners “on the air.”

    7. Mix it up at lunch.  Once a month, ask students to sit with someone new.  This is a great way to make new friends.

    8. Join a school or community organization and help make important contributions to the city.

    9. Volunteer your time at a child-care center, food bank, or hospital.

    10. Produce a documentary film that addresses the common concerns of your community.

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